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July 2, 2016 / zzirf

Paralysis and PACE

This is a repost, not mine but the way my legs have been behaving lately and because of my mobility fears it seems appropriate to hear about how it is [not] going to be treated if it happens to me.

I’m dictating this to Google lying down so the grammar Mike be a bit off. that is an example of what I mean which I’ll leave in for the comedy value, comedy is probably much needed…………..I’m thinking about Whitney Defoe and those of you who have put up with this level of incapacity for years. Is this me now? I have no idea how to process that prospect………

At some point a pretty young woman in a green top comes over. At last it’s a doctor. I’ve lost track of time but I think six hours since the paralysis came on.

6 hours paralysis before I see a doctor

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