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December 8, 2010 / zzirf

Lyme – Borrelia Burgdorferi from the past

I have read so much overlapping information from a variety of conditions so that things like Lyme Disease (from ticks), Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome, Crohn’s, etc etc are all worth investigating in regards to clues as to what happened in my body and most likely yours if you are reading this.  A breakthrough in one area may very well apply to all.  The Marshall Protocol is an example of one treatment fits all diseases of the immune system.

engorged tick

I have been looking a little at Lyme Disease which comes from a tick toxin and I was thinking about my past exposure to ticks.  I have definitely seen a few and walked through their territory but I had not suspected the chook pen at Kia-Ora, the farm in Jandowae which I used to frequent mostly before the children were born but also after.  Ninnie and her chook pen.  I was remembering those horrible stickfast fleas that would cover my legs (and probably the kids too) because some of us attract them more than others.  My inlaws told me just to pull them out.  If they should be in anyway treated like animal ticks then pulling them out is not the way to go unless you can guarantee that you do not leave any mouthparts behind and the squeezing can cause a tick to vomit up more of its toxin.  I do not know if the same applies to stickfast fleas but then I found out that the Fowl tick is a carrier of this “tick fever”.

“Fowl Ticks Argas persicus are also blood sucking critters that can cause paralysis and death [to chooks] if allowed to remain unchecked for any length of time. They may carry a dangerous disease called spirochaete or tick fever. They have a similar life cycle to mites and should be treated in the same way.”  This was taken from and although it is not exactly a reliable website, I am sure I could find the same information elsewhere.

The same article speaks of “Stick-fast Fleas Echidnophaga gallinae which bury their entire heads into the host and spend days attached in this manner.” But this article does not suggest that these vomit the same spirochaete toxin as ticks do.  Deer ticks with spirochaete are definitely implicated in Lyme Disease.

Here’s someone who died of Lyme diseases memorial page and a few other patient stories

And if you are concerned about a tick, then maybe your concern is misplaced because there are some who believe that Lyme is being used as a biological weapon.

Lyme's disease's typical bull's-eye rash

UPDATE: A Step Closer to Tests for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease

Researchers who analyzed the spinal fluid of people with chronic fatigue syndrome and post-treatment Lyme disease were able to find proteins that were specific to each disorder — and different from proteins in the spinal fluid of healthy people.

The discovery, published today in the journal PLoS One, opens up the possibility of finding diagnostic tests for the puzzling and controversial conditions.

Scientists still do not know what causes CFS or post-treatment Lyme disease, a condition affecting people diagnosed with and treated for Lyme disease whose symptoms persist long after finishing antibiotic treatment. Doctors sometimes consider patients who don’t recover from Lyme disease despite treatment to have a form of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some key symptoms do overlap, such as severe fatigue and cognitive dysfunction, making it challenging to distinguish the groups.

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