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December 2, 2010 / zzirf

Blood Tests

About a week ago my GP (General Practitioner) who knows nothing about cfs but acknowledges fibromyalgia because I have a rheumatologist report ordered some blood work to give him when I go back for the first time in 11 years.  She ordered these: FBE; ESR; TSH; CRP, Rh factor, CCP antibody, Mg, VitB12/folate, Fe studies, ENA, ANA

She said my CRP was a bit above at 7 and so she has ordered dsDNA blood tests.  I don’t even know what that means but I am about to find out.  Oh gee, dsDNA anitbodies screen is a test for Lupus.  Thanks Google.

Getting back to CRP, this quote will do the job:

“What is C-Reactive Protein?

C-reactive protein (CRP) is released by the body in response to acute injury, infection, or other inflammatory stimuli.  C-reactive protein is found in trace amounts in healthy people and is a leading blood marker of systemic (or body-wide) inflammation: People with elevated CRP levels are four and one-half times more likely to have a heart attack, compared with people who have normal levels of the protein. Furthermore, a variety of serious diseases are associated with high blood levels of CRP.

The activation of the acute phase response from infection, immune activation or injury is signaled by interleukin-6, which produces proteins such as fibrinogen, C-reactive protein (CRP), and serum amyloid A that lead to inflammatory reactions.  Localized inflammatory responses in the inner (“intimal’) layer of the arterial wall have been shown to be responsible for many of the aspects of intimal thickening and plaque disruption, leading to acute cardiovascular events.

CRP levels are elevated in many different diseases and conditions.

So why pick on Lupus?  I guess it will rule out one more thing.  I think my money is on the heart-related orthostatic intolerance but she’s not testing for that is she?

She has no intention of applying for a parking permit for me because “fibromyalgia” is not a condition that qualifies you.  I told her that Australia was way behind the times.  She listened to me try to convince her about current research and she was actually interested in looking at my heart rate monitor in action and wrote down a few numbers but I am sure I stuffed up when she asked me what my resting heart rate was and I told her my lowest diastolic blood pressure.  Damn fibro fog.  I have just stuffed up my own credibility to my GP.  I’d better go and double check my records now.  I am glad I have been keeping some. Cheers friends.

P.S.  Ummmmm….I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.  It will come back to me after I press the publish button I suppose.



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  1. Deb / Dec 3 2010 12:06 AM

    I looked this up myself last night after your blog and was a bit freaked

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