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November 26, 2010 / zzirf

Buying a Heart Rate Monitor in AU

Polar FS1

Basic Polar Heart Rate Monitor

I think this is a good deal on this model. I have seen it selling for a lot more on Ebay AU so I ordered one today and it has been shipped already – so I expect it will arrive Monday since they use Express Post

  • later in the week following my overnight trip that brought on a relapse, I felt at my worst and it reflected in the HR monitoring because I could not do much of anything without going over my 99 beat per minute limit.
  • As I started feeling less ill, my heart rate did not exceed my limit for a similar level of activity so I could remain in the safe range for some basic care – like showering, instead of going over my limited anaerobic threshold
  • I had a doctors appointment which I was nervous about and the nervousness was enough to put me over the threshold 13 points  so it is not just physical movement I need to be aware of.  I had another setback from that day reflected in going over threshold doing the same things I could do safely the day before (which wasn’t much – but I did get to the clothesline safely).
  • There have been times when my heart rate was within the limit but I still felt terrible so heart rate monitoring is not the end of the story
  • There are very rapid responses to movement reflected in my heart rate.  By that I mean, it can be a low 68 lying in bed and will have risen to over 90 or on some days over threshold by the time I have got out of bed, gone to the toilet and walked to my desk and sat down – just a few minutes of doing next to nothing.  This seems worse in the morning.
  • Bending from a sitting position to pick something up or sitting on the floor trying to plug in an electricity cord (looking down) raises my heart rate more that I thought it would
  • My blood pressure can be very low but it fluctuates quite widely
  • Monitoring heart rate is proving a valuable learning experience for me and I look forward to having an alarm and something I can leave on (unlike my blood pressure machine)

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