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October 17, 2010 / zzirf

The Dorn Method

Most of the past week was wet and dull and so was I.  I nearly got swallowed up by it.  I still don’t know if all the sleeping I did was because of my spine or because of depression.  The continuing (I’d say about 2 months) back, neck and head pain is depressing.  I am not quite sure why I have not yet given up waiting for it to pass and spend a good percentage of my pension on a chiropractor or a muscular-skeletal doctor or a physiotherapist or an osteopath or a rheumatologist.  Well yes, it is the money but it is also the repeat visits usually continuing for months and quite often the pain could be gone by itself in that time.  And it is the hassle of getting a referral.  And there is the fear that I will end up being in more pain.  But the biggest thing that keeps me from going is that I am too tired to go and I honestly do not want to spend my energy on something that is possibly going to trigger a classic unbearable flare-up.  I actually do not feel ill right now.  Yes a lot of joint, spine and muscular pain and a lot of fatigue but not fluey.  I hate all of it but I hate the fluey illness the most. Mucking around with appointments while I am vulnerable already is always something I am tempted to fear for one reason or the other.

I did not even go to the regular doctor, I rarely do.  My depression would have distracted her from what my target problem was – the muscular-skeletal stuff and she has never offered me any pain relief.  But I would dearly love some effective pain relief.  I swallowed what I had at home – paracetamol and a few muscle relaxant diazepam but I have had too much pain for any of that to have touched it.  What am I supposed to do? Beg for pain killers?  It doesn’t work for me because I always have a smile back on my face before long.  It’s just my nature in social situations.  So I do not think I am taken seriously.

Instead of going to a doctor, I sat at the computer for as long as my neck and back would hold me up for before I succumbed to the pain and went to bed.    I have experimented with different levels of the computer screen and I am desperately trying to break my bad head-posture.  I even tried a neck collar this week.  But even an unfamiliar correct posture hurts.

I thought I may have hit upon something good when I read about “the Dorn method”.  I was certainly impressed with the philosophy behind it which addressed something I have frequently lamented.  My lament has been the lack of “self-help” skeletal alignment techniques made available to patients.  I have often wondered (and experimented sometimes) if I could click my own shoulder blade back into place or I have wondered which movement would simulate something that was obviously successful when someone else was doing it to you on their therapy table.  Tell me where to put that wedge when I lie on my back or sell me a gizmo that will guarantee correct alignment.  Share your knowledge and stop making us go back for more appointments when there are ways of self-manipulation.  That’s what I want to say when I go for a medical appointment.  I want to be taught how to put myself back in place and the Dorn method is something that promises that.  I bought the ebook and have tried out a few of the spine alignments.  As a result something shifted but now I am not sure if I have become hypersensitive because of all the things I have tried this week on my body.  I seem to now have a few extra sore places but with a big improvement in my headache.

I’d like to try out the Spynamics sacral aligner but it seems far too expensive when I have already found something similar which is a lot cheaper on ebay.  That one was called the Sacro Wedgy.  Next I found a Sub Occipital Soother.  I can’t keep spending money taking chances that something might work so I have not ordered any of those gadgets.  Could not afford it this fortnight anyway but it would be great to hear from people with fibromyalgia who may have tried such devices.

Sacral Aligner and Wedge


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