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October 12, 2010 / zzirf

Morphing Into the Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny Plush toy

I just had to paste this in because it reminded me of me on some “extreme” days.  And it made me laugh.

“People with fibromyalgia typically have good days and bad ones. Though it’s tempting to morph into the Energizer Bunny when you’re feeling better, don’t. “Trying to push yourself will just cause added stress, and that can exacerbate your pain and fatigue,” says Rooks. Cram your good days with too much stuff, and you’ll just wind up with more bad days, reports the American Academy of Family Physicians.”

The whole article at Prevention Magazine should be read because it is a pretty good summary of fibromyalgia in a series of 10 Facts. So do not forget to check out the previous pages in the series.


I just discovered an article that explains how “sick” people can morph into the Energizer Bunny.  If we have not got the energy, then how do we find it?  Especially in times of crises and exitement and I suspect even falling in love?  The answer is adrenaline.

Living on adrenaline for people with CFS/ME/CFIDS/fibromyalgia is DANGEROUS so please read:


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